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The idea behind this concert is simple:   Making music together.   We are stronger when walls come down and we embrace the challenges of relationships outside of our comfort zone.  We came together on stage to make OUR music.  It’s not the kind of music we’d make if we were on our own, but in the end, it was ours. 


And now it's yours too.

The concert begins with an invitation to "dream like it's your last breath."   Then we improvise a transition into a masterwork from the wind repertoire performed in counterpoint with hip-hop tunes, and then...we Stay On It.


Julius Eastman's Stay On It invites the question:  Stay on what?


Stay On It is about respect and mutual support.  It's about seeking and finding.  It's about openness, and it's about a world in which people strive for self-liberation and in which the boundary between classical and pop music collapses because it is a  false hierarchy.  And it represents a musical world that does not depend on a maestro.


It beautifully expresses the point of this concert through the voice of a gay, black artist who lived in mid-20th century America. 


So please accept our cordial invitation:   to dream, to come together and to enjoy this wonderful adventure we call music.

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