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Materials for MUSC 757 and MUSC 758 (Aural Skills for Conductors)


The (in)famous "Tracking Page" from our aural skils class.  "M. Ploger" is Marianne Ploger, who taught me to hear music.  If you have not done a workshop or course with Marianne you are missing a lot--go do one!

The method for using the tracking page to learn solfege, intervals, clef reading and modes.

Mastering solfege is about learning patterns.  This sheet writes out interval cycles (a la Berg) using solfege, then extends them into chords.  Practicing it is useful for developing fluency in reading.

Marianne Ploger.JPG

Marianne Ploger

This is a series of rhythm exercises developed for the Longy School in Boston by Renée Longy-Miquelle (daughter of Geroges Longy who started the school).  Marianne Ploger uses these exercises in her teaching--and so do I!

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